Ping G10 Hybrid Does It All

Ping G-10 hybrid golf club

Hybrids are the clubs to have these days. Or more accurately, they are the 'must have' clubs. I don't even care if you're a scratch golfer, hybrids will make you better. Remember when 'metal' woods first came out. We hemmed and hawed, but show me a golfer who doesn't use them now and I'll show you … [Read more...]

So Much Fist Pumping, So Little Time


This is a small rant about 'fist pumping' on the golf course, specifically during pro tournaments. The Ryder Cup didn't trigger this. We see it more and more every week during whatever PGA tournament happens to be on. I'll predict in advance that those of you over 50 will be in complete agreement … [Read more...]

Review of ’08 Pro Season


I know, the season isn't over yet. We still have the rest of 'silly season', the Ryder Cup and of course the finals of the FedEx Cup. Excuse me as I take a moment to yawn. The majors are over and the top pros have had since January to show us their game for the year. Not much changes from here in, … [Read more...]

Golf Just Isn’t That Easy


Six years ago I thought golf was easy. Not that I was playing well, far from it. But I thought if I dedicated myself to learning the game I'd really master it. I figured there were a few keys and once I understood those and trained my muscle memory I'd be home free. Boy what a misconception. I'm … [Read more...]