Ping G10 Hybrid Does It All

Ping G-10 hybrid golf club

Hybrids are the clubs to have these days. Or more accurately, they are the 'must have' clubs. I don't even care if you're a scratch golfer, hybrids will make you better. Remember when 'metal' woods first came out. We hemmed and hawed, but show me a golfer who doesn't use them now and I'll show you … [Read more...]

Hitting Long Drives Are Easy (if you read this)


Hitting long drives. Its what we all want. From the Pros down to the double digit handicappers. Well, it just a bit easier thanks to Long Drive Champ Sean Fister's book, "The Long Drive Bible: How you Can Hit the Ball Longer, Straighter and More Consistently"  I will preface that by saying some … [Read more...]

Review of ’08 Pro Season


I know, the season isn't over yet. We still have the rest of 'silly season', the Ryder Cup and of course the finals of the FedEx Cup. Excuse me as I take a moment to yawn. The majors are over and the top pros have had since January to show us their game for the year. Not much changes from here in, … [Read more...]

Golf Just Isn’t That Easy


Six years ago I thought golf was easy. Not that I was playing well, far from it. But I thought if I dedicated myself to learning the game I'd really master it. I figured there were a few keys and once I understood those and trained my muscle memory I'd be home free. Boy what a misconception. I'm … [Read more...]