Norman Crashes British Open Party!

I've got a golf joke for you. Have you heard the one about the Australian, Korean and Irishman? You see there was this 53-year-old Australian playing golf with a Korean who hasn't been at form all year and an Irishman who hurt his wrist last week............ Am I dreaming? Is Greg Norman leading … [Read more...]

Open Si, Masters No!

Is it just me, or does the British Open at Royal Birkdale make the Masters look like a drab, unexciting forced march. I'm sure the wild weather and Tigers absence have added to the drama, but even so, there's something special about the course - and about UK links courses in general. Each hole can … [Read more...]

Royal Birkdale Taking Center Stage

Fasten your seat belts, this could really turn out to be a show worth watching. Of course no one knows how this one is going to turn out, but so far it's been one very interesting show. First, the weather has leveled the playing field for some and promises to continue to stir the mix with even more … [Read more...]

Winds Gonna Blow For The Open

We could be in for something different for this years British Open at Royal Birkdale which begins tomorrow. The weather forecast calls for light rain and winds from 10-20 mph for the next couple of days. In recent years, Open weather has been uncharacteristically sunny and mild. If you've been to a … [Read more...]

Perry, American As They Come

I feel compelled once again to step-up and defend Kenny Perry as he continues to get bashed by some of the media. He's not only a great guy and terrific golfer, he embodies an important part of the American Ideal - do your own thing regardless of what others say about you. As of late, it seems every … [Read more...]

Is Anthony Kim For Real?


With two wins this season, Anthony Kim could sure make you begin to believe he's the real thing. After disappearing for a few weeks after his first victory he's back in the winner's circle this weekend at Tiger's tournament in the nation's capital. And he didn't fall into this one. He played a very … [Read more...]