There Are None To Replace Tiger

The comment I've heard most often from golf fans in the last week is 'I can't get excited about watching pro golf without Tiger'. I admit I'm feeling the same way. There's no interest without Tiger Woods. Why is that?I believe the biggest thing separating Tiger from the rest of the field is not his … [Read more...]

Tiger Wood’s ACL Repair

Tiger Woods had his ACL repaired this past Tuesday in Park City, Utah. It is now known that he originally tore it in 2007 while jogging after the British Open. So what's in store for him and how long will it take?I had my own ACL repaired in 1994 and have some experience with skiers ACL surgeries … [Read more...]

What George Carlin Would Say About Golf

Most of you know that the famous comedian George Carlin just passed away. My wife and I were watching one of his old specials last night and I got to thinking what Mr. Carlin - The Great Observer of Life - would say about golf. Here goes..Why are so many people fascinated with the game of golf? It's … [Read more...]

Golf Is Hard On Your Body

There probably isn't anyone out there who has played golf for more than a year who doesn't agree that golf is physically tough. It's not bone jarring tough like the NFL, it just slowly takes its toll swing after swing, day after day. Maybe this is just one more reason that the sport can't seem to … [Read more...]

Stewart Cink Takes A Step Up

Stewart Cink finally proved he can hold on to a lead and close the deal by winning the Travelers Championship in Hartford this past week. Considering how he's played in the past, he's had a great year even if he stumbled in a few tournaments early on in the season. He's been around the top in most … [Read more...]

Nick Faldo Versus Johnny Miller

If you watch professional golf on TV, you've had a lot of opportunities to hear Nick Faldo and Johnny Miller do color commentary. Both were top players in their day and both are extremely knowledgeable about the game, swing mechanics and their fellow pros. Having said that, I much prefer Nick … [Read more...]

What Happens When Tiger Cuts Back On Play?

Without Tiger Woods, where would golf be? Consider that if you want a sobering thought! Rounds played haven't significantly increased over at least 20 years, and this during the reign of the best player the game has probably ever seen. Many private clubs, if not most, are seeing membership rolls … [Read more...]

Tiger Keeps US Open Alive

Anyone who watched the US Open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday surely had enough excitement. But it took a one-legged Tiger to do it. Poor Phil, the world's number 2 just disappeared as he is want to do a bit too often. That's not a knock on Phil, where are golfers 3 through 10 when you come to think … [Read more...]

US Open, Fair or Unfortunate?

By most of the players and commentators comments so far, this US Open is getting high praise for fairness. The tee and pin locations have been picked each day so that there is a mix of easy, intermediate and hard locations. As usual, straight hitting and excellent putting is rewarded, everything … [Read more...]