Announces New Patent has been granted a patent on its RB30 which is clearly the lightest weight, highest strength, most durable, waterproof sports and leisure magnetic bracelet in the world.Encinitas, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2008 -- ®, an internet e-commerce company providing magnetic … [Read more...]

Have They Designed Away Masters Excitement?

Go to GolfDash and check out the Headline Story for today, April 14. It's by John Huggan at Golf Observer and addresses the fact that course changes to Augusta in the last 10 years seem to have taken the excitement out of the Masters competition. I couldn't agree more after watching this last week … [Read more...]

ESPN Masters Coverage is Abominable

Today is probably the worst golf tournament coverage I have ever seen and because it's the Masters it's that much more painful. It's not the problem of the ESPN commentators, it's the producer. When you cover a golf tournament you are expected to broadcast the play, not shots of the trees, the … [Read more...]

The Golf Channel, Cialis and Slazenger

An advertiser is an advertiser and most every popular media business needs them, who else is going to pay the bills. So don't blame the Golf Channel for the pain that the current Cialis and Slazenger ads cause. I've got nothing against either product, it's just certain characteristics of the ads - … [Read more...]

Budget Golf, SkyCaddie and Gyro Swing

Don't worry, no more of my 'golf instruction' ideas in this blog. I've run across a couple of things that are so interesting I just have to mention them. I've used one and hope to have a chance to try the other two shortly.First, an idea about buying product online, saving money and getting no … [Read more...]