Why the long face, Mr. Furyk?

Seems like there's not a lot happening on the PGA U.S. Tour unless Tiger or Phil are involved. There is no Fijian, South African, European or Australian superstar to fill the void. No one else seems able to sustain dominance week in and week out. On the U.S. front, no young guns have yet emerged to … [Read more...]

Some Michelle Wei (and Sean O’Hair) Thoughts

The Michelle Wei story, I admit, facinates me. Maybe because it has built-in drama, ie; the gifted prodigy gone bad due to misguided and overbearing parents. This, of course, is the same story line of gifted PGA tour player Sean O'Hair.In some ways this occurrence is bound to happen. When you have a … [Read more...]

Yeah NBC – Boo CBS!

What a difference a network can apparently make in coverage of a PGA tournament. If you read this column, you know that I took offense at the high proportion of commercials to actual tournament play two Sundays ago at the Wachovia Championship. The television coverage was provided by CBS. On the … [Read more...]

Money, Money, Money…..Money

Why should professional golf be any different than most of what goes on in this country. Is it now just about the money? As a pro, you can make a darn good living and never win a tournament. Tim Finchem now thinks there should be tournament with a $10 million first prize, $1 million isn't enough for … [Read more...]

Forget The Square Heads

Seems you can't pick up a spring golf publication without a headline proclaiming the latest and greatest driver test. I've waded through my share of articles trying to figure out if there's any real information I can gleam from them. Bottom line, there's very little difference in drivers when you … [Read more...]