How Good Are Today’s PGA Tour Pros?

I just want to cast my vote in support of what Jack Nicklaus has said about today’s PGA Tour pros - You don’t have to ever win to make a very nice living for yourself and because of that the overall quality of pro golf has declined. I can’t argue with his point that this makes many guys content to … [Read more...]

Golfers and Bad Backs

If you follow pro golf, you've seen the reports this week that Annika Sorenstam is out with what is reported as 'one ruptured and one herniated disc in her back'. If you've ever had a ruptured disc you know she won't be back playing in a few weeks as was widely reported. I've had both a ruptured and … [Read more...]

Singer, Songwriter AND Golfer?

I got a kick out of this quote. I just can't imagine what Bob Dylan's swing might look like."Mr Dylan would have to apply in writing just like everyone else and be vetted by the committee. If there were no objections, then he would be a member after paying the membership fee, which at present is … [Read more...]

‘Best New Course’ Fiasco

Why can’t a playable course be a best course? Do they have to all be 7000+ yards, where one mistake gives you a clear shot at 8 on any hole? And don’t take my expensive golf ball away from me if I make a bad shot. Having to shoot out of high rough or over and around trees should be penalty … [Read more...]

Tiger Out Strategized

It's in the record book, almost rookie Zach Johnson wins the 2007 Masters by outplaying Tiger over the last round. Who would have guessed that last Thursday morning? Right, no one! So how did he do it?I'm sure it is the culmination of a number of things, but it's always nice to pin it on a single … [Read more...]

Masters – Where’s the beef?

Is it just me, or is something missing from the Masters so far? Certainly the greens are fast enough, the fairways narrowed – just ask Phil – and the shaved fringe around the greens can still suck a ball into the water without much effort. My wife thinks there are too many players. Is it like the … [Read more...]

All This AND a Trophy

In addition to the famous green jacket awarded to all champions, winners also receive: • A sterling silver replica of the Masters trophy depicting the historic Clubhouse• Name engraved on permanent Masters Trophy which remains at Augusta National• Gold medallion featuring a view of the Founders … [Read more...]