FedEx Cup Underbelly

As far as pro golf goes, the FedEx Cup looks pretty interesting. It may transform 'silly season' into an exciting series of competitive events. With $10 million for first place, it's going to keep everyone interested. You won't see Tiger or Phil opting to stay home and practice their game in the … [Read more...]

AceMagnetics -NEW Rally Band™

Have you seen the new “Rally Band™” Series magnetic wristband by AceMagnetics? These are terrific and we highly recommend getting one for yourself and or as gifts or tournament giveaways.Here are some of the amazing Rally Band™ features:• Each Rally Band™ is crafted with powerful 3500 gauss … [Read more...]

Pace of Play

We've all been a victim of slow play, but never have been responsible for it ourselves. Or so most of us think. But if there is so much slow play out there, then it stands to reason that quite a few of us must actually be playing slow. Not all the time, mind you. It doesn't take more than a slow … [Read more...]