Correct Sight – How to Hit Dead-Solid Shots!

One of the big issues in golf is movement, especially when your movement is vertical movement, such as "dipping" which changes your spine angle during the swing causing all sorts of nasty things to happenIn light of this issue we wanted to introduce the Correct Sight golf training aid (the first … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Pros and Amateurs

Our bank accounts and the size of our homes, right? And let's not forget the 100 foot yacht versus my plastic tubby toy. There are lots of differences to be sure, but I'm talking golf, particularly practice routines. If I go to the range and hit six 7-iron shots, making decent contact on each, then … [Read more...]

‘7 Laws’ & Nick Bradley

I have a confession to make, I read too many golf books. I'm always looking for something more in my swing. I honestly believe the golf swing can't be as complex as we and most of the golf teachers out there make it. But, like most golfers, my own experience and what I see going on around me says my … [Read more...]