Seve – I Beg To Differ!

Seve Ballesteros a couple of days ago called the US Open at Winged Foot the worst major. He thinks it's wrong that good pros can end up shooting 20 over par. Seve, the problem isn't in the scores it's in the technology - which effects the courses.Scoring is relative. What if they increased par at … [Read more...]

Tim Finchem, absolute power corrupts!

On Monday I went to the CVS Golf Classic, held here in little Rhode Island for the last 8 years. In that time, this little laid back tournament has raised more than $8 million for local charity. It's held at the Rhode Island Country Club, a beautiful old course on the upper end of Narragansett Bay, … [Read more...]

Golf Commentators

I love golf, I think it's a beautiful game. It teaches us more about ourselves than any other sport, it's a model for life. OK, maybe I'm a little more golf dazed than most, but I care about this game and it's future. Modern golf commentators are contributing to it's downfall in my opinion. Keep in … [Read more...]

Cliff Notes On The Open

Here's what I saw:Tiger's rusty, he hadn't done any of the 'extra' preparation that a major requires and he's still grappling with his father's death. Unless he's gone through a complete personality change, he'll be back.Phil went back to the old 'take the risk' Phil and it killed him on the last … [Read more...]

Conflicted Values and Steroids

If you've only even glanced once at a sports page in the last month, you're probably aware of the 'steroid issue' in pro baseball. I believe there's a lesson in it for pro golf which is already starting to travel a similar path.No, I don't mean to tell you that there are pro golfers out there using … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong With US Golf

Depending on your mood you might say 'nothing' or 'everything'. I tend to lean more toward the latter. Are things occurring in golf that some months or maybe a year or two down the road we'll exclaim 'why didn't someone do something'?First, I can't resist making a comment about US men's sports in … [Read more...]

Amino Vital, why do the Pros love it?

I have been noticing a lot of professional golfers now using a product called Amino Vital. In a lot of ways this makes sense, after all amino acids are "the building blocks of life"According to their website: "Scientists have learned that three linked essential amino acids—leucine, isoleucine and … [Read more...]

What is Par-formance?

I wanted to bring this very practical product to your attention. It is called The Par-formance Golf Score Journal. It is a smaller, spiral-bound booklet that fits easily in your pocket and allows you to keep track of your game from tee to green. For example, there are places to enter your score, … [Read more...]