Family Golf

I was recently at the US Kids Golf website investigating some clubs for my nephew when I noticed the "Family Courses" tab in their main navigation. There they provide you with a list of golf courses that meet or exceed "our family course criteria" - it seems these "designated" courses have (or have … [Read more...]

L2 Putter – time for a change?

I played in a team tournament last weekend that consisted of five 9-hole matches. One of our competitors, who is now in his 70's, was putting in way I had never seen. He stood tall, faced the hole and held a belly putter to the side. In this manor he used the putter like a pendulum, stabilized by … [Read more...]

GolfDash Survey

First, please forgive us for a few weeks absence. We have been extremely busy with our next phase of GolfDash development work which is consuming most of our time.We truly value all the valuable comments our members have given us in the past. It is how we can continue to provide great golf … [Read more...]