Fixing the Ryder Cup

By now, most golfers are quite familiar with the Ryder Cup competitions. It's Europe versus the US, with Europe winning most of the events over the last 15 years. Nothing wrong with that after the US seemed to own the cup for decades. If you look at the Master's top finishers, it's easy to imagine … [Read more...]

The Mystery of Count Yogi

Who was Count Yogi? Yogi was born Harry Hilary Frankenberg in 1906. Yogi learned the game at age six, peering through the fence at a country club near his Chicago home and mimicking the golfers’ swings with a stick. He’d spent a lifetime performing trick-shot exhibitions and teaching; his students … [Read more...]

The best online handicap service

2006 is the 'Year of the Online Handicap Service' thanks to rule changes the USGA has made. You've probably noticed advertisements in the golf magazines or even at local golf retailers for online handicapping. GolfDash has just partnered with Isaacs Golf whom we believe has the best online service … [Read more...]