Who’s hitting it farther with Technology?

I don't think there's much dispute that the tour pros are hitting the ball farther these days, a lot farther. Tons of guys now regularly hit it over 300 yards. I just read the other day in Frank Hannigan's column that there has been an average increase in their driving averages of 27 yards over the … [Read more...]

Can Pro Golf Remain Popular?

Most everyone has a favorite sport. Maybe it's the one you were best at, or the one your mother took you to for your first professional event. Maybe it's the one where your grandfather was a semi-pro.I know guys who have been addicted to basketball their entire life; played in college and then … [Read more...]

MapMuse, Map This!

From what I understand the number of golfers playing the game in the US is not growing. On the other hand, I'd say there's a new course opened about every day of the year. My conclusion; that a lot of private clubs are looking for new members. I know many clubs in New England have reduced entry fees … [Read more...]

Want hoardes of visitors to your website?

Consider adding our NEW Golf Dash Search capability to your website. This allows you to access our content-rich (and always being updated) GolfDash database of over 4500 websites. Keep in mind, although we call it GolfDash search it ONLY searches our golf web directory so it is a little different … [Read more...]