Duval Shoots 63 at Sony!

Did anyone pay attention to David Duval at the Sony? He made the cut AND shot a 63 on Sunday. Maybe he's getting his game back. If he does it will be a great story. If I was in the mainstream golf media, I'd start looking at this one real hard.I read the story of David's early life in Sports … [Read more...]

Give and Take – Talking with the Masses

Most things work with give and take. Life's a two-way street. Give and take holds the social fabric together. Of course there are those who just take, and that's a bit of a ripoff in my book. We all know that pro golf wouldn't be what it is today without the great ambassadors of the past. Guys like … [Read more...]

Silent Vijay

We highlighted this fine article by GolfObserver's Lorne Rubenstein the other day at our main site (GolfDash) but wanted to re-visit it just for a moment because I think it has some real food for thought - about accountability, about sportsmanship, about humility, etc.Take a read if you have not and … [Read more...]

The People Have Spoken About Technology

The responses are in, at least 4 or 5 anyway, AND the people say let the manufacturers take the technology where they will, just change the ball the pros use. Then we might see more shot makers win tournaments, and more grand old courses reclaim their rightful place. And the rest of us can still … [Read more...]

Rise Up and Save Your Sport

The more I think about the distance thing, the more I think it's bad for the game of golf - the distance thing being the more yards we can get from buying technology rather than improving our swing.I use to race sailboats - a little. It was open racing, not one designs. Invariably the guy who spent … [Read more...]