Handicap Systems For Everyone

Some teaching pros have turned to using the new handicap systems to help their students figure out where to spend their practice time. It also shows if practice is effective on the course where it really matters. Once you start to track drives in fairway, putts, up and downs from the sand, and … [Read more...]

Golf Cheats and Sandbaggers

The USGA implementation of its handicap system makes cheating easy. Enter your own score. Puff, you're done. Who's looking over your shoulder - no one. When is the last time a handicap oversight committee bagged someone. Oh it happens - about once in a blue moon.The new systems that are available … [Read more...]

Fixing the Handicap System

Golfing times have changed; new clubs, balls, training aids and courses to name just a few. The number of courses and golfers has grown dramatically in 40 years. The USGA implementation of the handicap system hasn't changed since who can remember when. Though they have started to use the internet - … [Read more...]

USGA Handicap Tracking System is Broken

There's nothing wrong with the way the USGA calculates handicap, there is everything wrong with the way they've implemented the tracking system. It's old, outdated, and makes it easy for folks to cheat. Yes, cheat. What golf club or league doesn't have a sandbagger - the guy who claims a 12 and … [Read more...]

Protect A Badge

I just received a scorecard protector from Protect A Badge in the UK and was amazingly impressed with the service and the quality. I asked the owner (Nick) what might be a good choice and he recommended the alligator over the lizard (what a nice choice!). Alligator is just very cool to look at and … [Read more...]

FREE GolfRound Towel!

GolfDash is currently offering a FREE GolfRound towel for new members of GolfDash. Membership is free so you can hardly go wrong with this limited time deal. If you are not familiar with the GolfRound towel it is simply one of the most useable and innovative new golf products on the market today. … [Read more...]