The Tiger "Twirl"

Ever noticed the distinctive Tiger "Twirl" after Woods stripes a shot? Woods once said. "Every time I hit a good shot I give the club a twirl." He is 'tagging' the shot, attaching significance to it. This helps him recall it when he needs to draw on positive imagery for a similar shot. So take heed … [Read more...]

Who’s Using Hybrids?

I am in the market for a new hybrid and am curious what other are using and why. Do you have a favorite hybrid? The market is rapidly becoming saturated and fast with these new "wonder" clubs. My Adams 5-wood I consider a hybrid but shots tend to come out low and of course run when the ball hits … [Read more...]

Callaway Golf Magazine

I mentioned Callaway Golf Magazine in one of our recent featured "Sites of the Day" at but thought I would mention it here as well. the magazine obviously promotes Callaway products, players, technology, etc. but the articles, interviews, tech-talk, new products are terrific. CGM is … [Read more...]

Did Anyone Notice – Ballesteros and Duval

Two previous stars of golf played in tournaments this past weekend. What can we gleam from their performance?For those of you who know and love Seve's work, he returned to the European tour this last week for the Open de Madrid. Seve has long suffered from physical ailments and maybe a few personal … [Read more...]

Titleist on Top

According to Sports Marketing Surveys (which produces data on the equipment players use) Titeist came out way on top as the ball most pros prefer. Points were awarded as follows: 10pts for the brand used by the winner, 8pts for the runner-up, etc., etc. Due to Titleists' Pro V1 and Pro V1x models … [Read more...]

Wie Wie Wie All The Way Home

We've all seen it now. Michelle Wie has turned pro and after only a couple of days is a millionaire. This despite the fact she has never won a tournament as a pro. What does it all mean?I have nothing against Michelle. She's an extremely talented golfer, personable and well-spoken. She's already … [Read more...]