Membership Has It’s Privileges!

You're invited to become a member of, "the intelligent golf directory". It's free and by becoming a member you receive some cool tools like:1. "One Click Customization" - you can add your own links and personalize the layout2. Customizable RSS Ticker - Track the latest news & sports … [Read more...]

Duval Makes Cut!

David Duval has finally made a cut. He ended up tied for 60th at the Valero Texas Open this weekend. Started off with a very respectable 68, 69 and ended with a 70,74. These certainly seem like consistant scores to me. Duvall says: "It's a cycle that needed to be broken, but I've been playing a lot … [Read more...]

Faster Pussy Cat, Kill Kill – Ryder Cup Agida

Is it just me, or are golf 'Cup' competitions like the Ryder and Solheim becoming more aggressive. I haven't been to recent competitions, but to read the mainstream media you'd think golf was a full contact sport.For tour events, you rarely ever get the sense that one player is out to beat the … [Read more...]

Ingenious little product – GolfRound towel

Doug here, another member of the GolfDash team. I will be focusing on the latest and greatest new and cool golf products and accessories. Stay tuned - it's going to be fun. And please share your comments, suggest a product or accessory or ask any questions.I just recently found this GolfRound … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong With Small Balls?

Yesterday we looked at why it might be good to limit the pros ability to hit the ball so far. The easiest way to do this appears to be to give them a ball that won't travel as far. We just change that one thing and, voila, it's all good again. But hold on, it might not be as easy as it sounds.How … [Read more...]