Are Small Balls Good Balls?

Are the pros hitting the ball too far for existing courses? How many of the classic courses have been lengthened in the last 10 years. What tournament courses haven't had fairways narrowed and greens hardened to try and keep winning scores higher. And the question that really matters to most of us, … [Read more...]

David Duval As Teacher

For me, David Duval's struggle to get back to being a top level tour player is fascinating. It looks very much like what we average golfers are constantly going through. You make a good shot, or birdie a hole, or even keep it together for most of a round, only to loose it again. If I can play 5 … [Read more...]

Where’s David Duval?

Ever wonder what happened to David Duval? Don't forget that he was the number one golfer in the world just before Tiger's record breaking reign began. If you've been paying attention, and most probably aren't, he's been trying to get it together as a Tour professional for about a year and a half now … [Read more...]

"Mo Better’ Golf in Scotland

And a few more reasons why Scottish golf courses are more fun. Maybe this explains why it's their national sport and pastime - it's much more fun to play there, plus having access to good scotch doesn't hurt.(remember the old saying about why a golf course has 18 holes? because that's how long it … [Read more...]

Let’s Play Nice

So how should pro golfers, the golf media and golf audiences all get along? It's quite easy, treat each other like you'd like to be treated. Back to the little Rule of Gold again. Well, why not. It works doesn't it? Yeah I know, it's so simple. But what's wrong with simple.If you're the golf media, … [Read more...]

Common Sense & The American Way

Or maybe we should just consult the Golden Rule - the 'do unto others' thing. Would I want someone to approach me for an autograph - or 10 - every time I went out to dinner or the grocery store? Asking for an autograph at a tournament is a different matter. Most have setups so that the gallery can … [Read more...]

Where To Draw The Line

Everyone has a right to some privacy, but where to draw the line. Much of the media doesn't seem to care. Money talks, right? If I can get a story about what Tiger sent his mother on her birthday, why not publish it if I can get paid. But of course, don't tell the world what I sent my mom, unless of … [Read more...]

Professional Privacy

This week we'll look into the issue of privacy for professional athletes, specifically golfers. Are they entitled to have parts of their lives off limits? Or does having everything you do discussed in public come with the turf, a trade off for making sums that go beyond Everyman's dreams.Tiger is … [Read more...]